Effects of feedback in a computer-based learning environment on students’ learning outcomes: A meta-analysis

1 december 2015
Auteur: Kleij, F. M. van der, Feskens, R. C. W., & Eggen, T. J. H. M.

In this meta-analysis the effects were evaluated of methods for providing item-based feedback in a computer-based environment on students’ learning outcomes. The results show that elaborated feedback (EF) produced larger effect sizes than feedback regarding the correctness of the answer (KR) or providing the correct answer (KCR). EF was particularly more effective than KR and KCR for higher order learning outcomes. Effect sizes were positively affected by EF feedback, and larger effect sizes were found for mathematics compared with social sciences, science, and languages. Effect sizes were negatively affected by delayed feedback timing and by primary and high school. Although the results suggested that immediate feedback was more effective for lower order learning than delayed feedback and vice versa, no significant interaction was found.

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